"In times of financial stress, people look for answers. It’s when the greatest
shifts can take place and… It’s also when they look for PURPOSE.”

Would you like to help grateful clients

find their purpose, live their gifts and

fully utilize their unique Pattern of Genius

And earn an above-average coaching income?

Millions Of People are now MOTIVATED To
LIVE Their Life ON PURPOSE And They
Truly WANT The Best Quality Coaching

With Gratitude and Certainty I Say…

I Can Hand You Everything You Need
To Become A Highly Paid, In-Demand
“Ignite Your Purpose” Coach!

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My name is Rachel Taylor.

I’ll explain absolutely everything there is to know about becoming an “Ignite Your Purpose” coach in just a minute, but first, here’s how serious I am about you being professionally trained…

As a licensee you'll start with…

9-Weeks of “Immersion” Training via Tele-Coaching and teleconference.

This type of work isn’t just something you “learn” – it’s something you embody. We certainly want you helping others as quickly as possible but we don’t want to “quickly train you.”

We want to be sure you’re fluid with everything. It needs to be completely comfortable -- all clear and aligned for you. We know from experience that this requires careful nurturing and immersion thus our 9-weeks of Tele-Coaching. (It’s easy to set up)

And then…

5-Days of Personalized training in my Ignite Your Purpose coaching process.

This has taken 10 years to develop. In evolving the work myself I realized I needed the consultation process to explore deeply yet be emotionally gentle.

Topics Include: “The Growing Edge” – Blocks To Purpose
How to avoid Client Collusion – Being Present
The Purpose Blueprint - Building a “Container of Trust”

Not to mention…

  • A 3-step professionally developed marketing campaign that’s easy to implement that’s proven to bring you ONLY the best clients. It cost over $60,000 to have produced but I hand it to you on a silver platter.

  • Personalized website proven to sell your clients for you -- valued at over $22,000

  • “Dynamic” Networking skills – Where the best clients are – how to best interact with them and how to move any conversation to a “Purpose conversation”

  • Speaker training and a two-hour presentation template valued at over $12,000 that’s proven to bring swarms of clients directly to you. (Only if you choose to use speaking as a way to grow your business - it's not necessary though)

As well as…

Dynamic Communication skills:

The coaching process is an intimate experience. Carefully I'll show you how to be gentle but effective in navigating the process - you'll learn to "really hear" their inner calling and blocks to purpose.

I also bring in a Master interviewer to teach communication and listening on a very deep level - You will absolutely love what he calls his "dump and pause" strategy. It's so effective at "getting the richness" of the conversation going.

Every relationship you have in your life will benefit as a result of this training - as will the relationship you have with your Purpose clients.

And how powerful is this

***Access to valuable “passive” income opportunities!

When someone gets on purpose they’ve made a NEW START. You have helped them get there. They have a lot of trust in you which means you can make recommendations to them. We have sourced the top 3 resources clients need once on purpose – recommending them is a natural process and one that you can be paid residually for.

And of course

Dedicated, on-going support and assistance:

As you help place others on their path to purpose, my purpose of bringing millions to their purpose comes closer to fulfillment.

For sure…

My team and I are readily available to COACH YOU through your pursuit of fulfillment as an Ignite Your Purpose Coach.

Please know – I’m more than a little passionate
to make this happen… This Is My Life’s Purpose
I’m forever energized by this idea.

I know that together we can make a tremendous difference.

So many people are searching - searching for answers…

You can feel it, can’t you?

You just know that “Something” is missing in people’s lives – Something important.

Your heart says you can help – and you want to…right?

I’m about to reveal with you EXACTLY how you can.

Please get clear so you can really take in what I’m about to share with you. Remove any distractions for the next 15 minutes or so. That’s all it will take and I don’t say this naively…

It will change YOUR life.

I know it has for me, and every single person I’ve had the pleasure of sharing it with. As you may have guessed -- this is not a “normal” approach to life coaching, personal development, spiritual development, or anything else for that matter.

What I’m talking about is at the core what it means to be human

It’s at the level of soul.

IT IS THE DIRECT PATH to effortless self-fulfillment and happiness.

Here’s one more quick question – This one is personal…

Do you have a deep inner knowing about what you’re here to do -- A knowing that naturally inspires you, energizes you -- yet calms you at the same time?

THAT type of life experience is more than possible when we’re on purpose.

This is sooooo important.

With conviction I say…

No matter how many material possessions someone has
if they are not aligned with
their unique gifts – their pattern of genius and

their life’s purpose there will ALWAYS be a yearning…
a lack of fulfillment, that is very real and “always there.”

No amount of goal-setting or financial success,
free time or even personal growth will fill the void.

You see…

Before I started helping people "Find Purpose," I helped thousands of clients grow their small to medium-sized businesses into highly profitable companies. I was one of the most successful business coaches with one of the most elite business coaching organizations in the world. I say that not for any ego-based reason - just to exhibit how potent "being on purpose" can be.

You see…

Many people hired me, wanting to make their business as efficient and profitable as possible, so they could cash in -- kick back - retire - and finally start enjoying life.

I soon learned that…

The coaching that has a deepest impact is not about goal-setting, accountability, creating systems, offering a "third-party perspective" or anything like that.

It’s about tuning into something far deeper than that. We all intuitively feel it – that missing piece in our lives – when our external needs aren’t matching our inner calling and…


Here’s how I know it’s true…

In my former business coaching practice, client after client would come to me after they “had success” and ask me something like...

“What now – what’s next – I need a sense of Purpose!”

One particular client comes to mind.

It’s a powerful example -- Let me quickly tell you his story…

We had spent a couple years working together – We crossed off every goal on his “to be achieved list.”

I helped him build his business to a point where…

  • He was able to pay off the mortgage to his gorgeous estate -- AND a beautiful vacation home.
  • Acquire a collection of “toys” to die for.
  • Establish a portfolio of investments to support his lifestyle AND his favorite charities.

  • Had his business running largely on “auto-pilot” (requiring only a week a month to maintain)

  • Create free time for family and personal development - travel and fun.

He had everything -- that’s EVERYTHING he “thought” he needed to be happy.

But for “some reason”…


I had seen it before but this time I couldn’t ignore it…
Not Living To Your Highest Potential Results In
Frustration, Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction NO MATTER…

“How Well You’re Doing”

That’s When I Realized Just How Many People
Needed Their Own "Personalized Purpose Blueprint" And…

In That Moment I Decided To Give Birth To The
“Ignite Your Purpose” Consultant and Licensee Program

Before we look at the program a little closer please consider this one simple question…

Where Does Real Joy… REALLY COME FROM?

Here’s my answer.

Tell me if you agree.

Real Joy comes from KNOWING…

1) Why we are here -- with clarity.

2) What our unique Gifts are -- and fully express them.

3) The form our Gifts should take -- and how to best use them.

4) Our unique Path To Purpose – and how to follow it.

5) Our unique “Pattern of Genius” – and how it best unfolds.

And I think it’s important to also say this…

  • We all have a unique contribution, a gift to humanity in a sense… (That only we can make) and this contribution is withheld from the greater whole if we do not follow our Path to Purpose
  • Human beings are designed to live their lives ‘on purpose’… they function better, they are healthier, and they experience more joy and fulfillment.
  • Every person’s life and unique journey has its meaning – It is deeply purposeful.
  • That uniqueness is traceable and can be mapped out specific to each individual.
  • We all do have a calling – a passionate reason to be engaged in life with purpose.
  • It needs to be directed.

Which is precisely why…

I need your help.

I know with certainty – deep within my being – the time is NOW for me to train others to do what I’ve been doing.

With what you've just read, perhaps you're
Experiencing your own "soul whispering"
a feeling that speaks to you -- a spark that excites you

That’s what happened to Ben Taylor -- one of our new licensees from California.

Perhaps you’ll “see” a bit of yourself in his story.

Ben is a devoted husband and father of two. More than a decade ago he took a job that he knew — deep inside — would not make him happy. But the salary and benefits meant financial security for him and his family.

After years of being tied to a desk for 9 hours a day, he yearned to escape. There was a growing feeling that this was not what he was meant to be doing with his life.

Here's how he explains it…

"I was sitting at my desk — as I had every day for a little more than 10 years - when all of a sudden, I heard a voice say… "You don't belong here!"

Then I realized that the voice was MINE!

As I glanced around, all I saw were faces filled with stress — unhappiness — and worse… resignation.

What was I doing?

Even worse… What was I teaching my boys? That life was just about "putting in time" — living for the weekends - trading your life in exchange for a paycheck?"

There are several things Ben enjoyed in his earlier business years - and had felt a real absence of them in the last 10 years. Now he's chomping at the bit to get started again…

"Since having my Personal Purpose Blueprint done, life is exciting again! I can now see the path before me — the one I've been on all along.

I feel ready to pursue my passion in a way that makes sense for both me and my family. The thought of working from home and on the road — instead of behind a desk — is thrilling! I can't wait to get started!"

Ben has uncovered his own unique purpose…

One of his primary Patterns of Genius is “The Ringmaster.” His unique ability is coordinating multiple events and multiple team dynamics at any given time. You’ll meet him at our workshops and trainings, in a Head Logistics role.

He feels like he’s really found his niche.

I can’t wait for you to experience this same type of feeling… that you “belong.”

What will your Genius Be?

Here are just seven examples out of a list of more
than 400 that we take clients through.

The Architect: strong visualisation ability, constructing a framework out of ideas or technology.

The Muse: inspiring, igniting creativity, activating that which is latent.

The Teacher / Interpreter: taking complex ideas and principles, breaking them down in a way that others can understand.

The Merchant / Trader: opportunist, ability to spot deals, innate sense of the margin.

The Entrepreneur: visionary, ability to see potentials, focused, confident, strategic thinker, comfortable with risk.

The Administrator: creating order out of chaos, bringing organisation, planning, accountability, getting performance out of people.

The Host / Hostess: the gift of hospitality, making people feel welcome, creating aesthetically-pleasing, sense-arousing, gustatory-satisfying experiences for guests.

The truth is your clients (and you) will have a very specific - very unique "Genius Mix" that is embedded in your DNA.

It is who they are and why they're here.

As an "Ignite your Purpose" Coach you'll help them streamline and prioritize their mix into their very own…

"Path to Purpose"

Of course, that's only one piece of the puzzle. You'll also need to carefully examine the blocks and repeating patterns that have been holding them back.

We call it their Evolutionary Blueprint…
and provide them with a formula or antidote

to allow them to create a different reality.

Just as an architect creates a set of plans that a house is then constructed by, each of us have a set of 'intangible' plans, a Blueprint if you like, that we are constructed to. A set of shaping influences, potentials and limitations…

that will literally define the lives that we are creating in this moment.

It's the combination of detailed blueprint assessment and genius mix as well as Integration Formula (unlocking blocks), that produces their life-altering, simple-to-implement "Path to Purpose."

As soon as you hand it to them they KNOW -- their life is forever changed for the better and you were the "catalyst to change."

Without meaning to sound trite… it is clear that you have profoundly moved them.

They will openly express their LOVE and GRATITUDE for you.

They are deeply grateful and at the same time feel freed and "on purpose."

Just how profound is this idea?

Let me share this quick story…

I read an article where a guy simply loved all three of biology - music - and maths.

He took organically grown plants, assigned a musical note to each cell of the plant.

He then tracked the growth of the plants and what musical notes were played (according to the cellular development) and what emerged was…

Classical music!

There's more to it of course but that is the essence of it.

Think about it…

That is a WHOLE NEW AWARENESS that had not been present in humanity before that point and now is…

All because of his commitment to following
his path to purpose -- to uncovering the 'call'

that was beckoning in him,
according to his Genius Mix.


When one single individual contains those 3 genius patterns they are called to find what I call "The Blend Point".

They will need to know how each of those mix together -- what the pattern is - what the deeper truth is that's trying to emerge -- what the outcome is.

That's the "feeling of being unsettled" that we all have in us.


We all have it inside us - it's just that most of us need to be guided - we simply need to understand it and be guided in our own Purpose Path.


That's exactly what you as a professional "Ignite Your Purpose" Coach will be trained to do.

I know you sense the potential to change lives – to truly change lives – but just in case you’re wondering what the financial rewards can be, please consider this…

I don’t think that anyone can question that Oprah Winfrey is doing exactly what she should be doing – She is on purpose and here’s the thing…

MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people are being introduced
to the idea of being on Purpose by Oprah herself!

Yes – I said Millions and Millions Of People

The timing couldn’t be better – Just listen to this…

The first thing that happened was

1. Oprah conducted a series of tele-classes with Eckhart Tolle based on his new book about “Awakening” to your Life Purpose -- MILLIONS of people signed on!

Want to know more?

Download three comprehensive Case Studies that illustrate just how powerful this process is. You’ll get complete details on…

- The problems the client was having

- What was discovered during his/her consultations

- The recommended action plan that was developed

- The resulting change in their entire life experience!

Case study number 1:

Case study number 2:

Case study number 3:

>Insert Email Address Here<

And then

2. Every week for 9 weeks they broadcast globally to those people – embedding the idea of living a purpose-filled life.

And then

3. On a completely separate show, Oprah brings on Dr. Oz to show how people “In the blue zone” are living longer and how being on Purpose plays an integral role in their longevity.

Now combine that with the fact that

4. 165,000 people search on Google every single month for the term “Life Purpose”!

Imagine how many people are thinking about it but not actually doing a Google search!!

Not to mention that…

5. The economic crisis has forced people to really take a look at their lives and ask…

  • What’s my life really about?
  • How can my life serve others?


If you’ve read this far I’m sensing that you understand how meaningful and relevant being an Ignite Your Purpose coach really can be.

Please let me explain how I’ve come to know this topic at such a deep emotional and even spiritual level…

I’ve had my own “life crisis”

Once diagnosed with Cancer and lost everything…

Money, relationships PLUS…

There was a critical ‘stripping away’

of that which was false, the identities, the self-imposed roles,

the egoic visions that I thought would make me happy.

What was left… was that which was REAL.

That which existed beyond the transient nature of the forms
which come and go in our lives. What was revealed to me, was
the true nature of PURPOSE… at the inner and outer level.

As complete and fulfilling as it is now, it hasn’t always been easy.

The truth is…

I’ve traveled through incredibly difficult personal, inner terrain, in order to mine some of the wisdom-gems I can now share with you. I’ve experienced everything from a volcanic sense of urgency around my purpose, the highs of great traction and success in business through to utter futility and emptiness…. even a complete ‘loss’ of any sense of purpose.

In many ways, by signing up to ‘teach’ about purpose, I entered a ‘school’ which ensured I was adequately trained to handle this material… at some personal cost.

I’ve approached it like a scientist, seeking to study the deeper ‘design’ behind the ‘nature-of-purpose’, in order to share that knowledge with others who were so clearly desperate to find it within themselves.

I’ve interviewed literally thousands of people on the subject, I’ve got a whole bookcase full of recorded client sessions, and have I’ve studied the lives and work of many who are fiercely ON PURPOSE to understand the factors present.

I’ve heard the deepest secrets and shared the inner workings of the psyche of many thousand clients. I’ve worked with people who started out having NO sense of purpose,

with those who have had years and

years of THWARTED purpose, and with those

who ALWAYS KNEW their purpose from birth.

Sample Pages From
The Licensee Manual
(pgs 11 and 12)

I’ve been slowly piecing together a map of the challenges, the blocks, the potentials, the distinctions, of a life lived on purpose. Together with my team, we’ve spent many years writing material, creating exercises and developing programs that act as a guide or catalyst to illuminate the path, allowing others to discover it for themselves.

All-in all…

I’ve spent 10 years developing - shaping - and refining this incredible process -- developing a technology that allows others to identify their purpose in my own -- not to mention having invested well over $500,000… to study, discover and understand what “Purpose” really is.

In fact, I encourage you to look over the Case Studies found here.

>Click here To Get Instant
Access to Case Studies<

As mentioned I’ve done a lot of life coaching and business coaching -- I literally had a Million dollar practice.

I want to be 100% clear.

This is NOT life coaching or business coaching – not at all.

Ignite Your Purpose is NOT merely about...

  • Creating goals, visualizing success or holding people accountable
  • Supporting someone while they “work through their blocks”
  • Creating systems – creating structure -- increasing employee performance.


  • Helping people get more organized or more effective at doing-what-they-do

I’ve done that – it is valuable, BUT – BUT – BUT…it’s not enough for making real and lasting changes – and it doesn’t create Joy -- Not even close.

I’ve seen nothing else like…


You’ll witness the “flowering” of human potential, helping
clients follow their instinctive drive towards Purpose AND
guiding them as they… GIVE BIRTH TO A BRAND NEW LIFE!

It’s an honor to be a part of it -- to watch the transformations that unfold.

The truth is – people not living on a purpose are all around us.

You can hear it in their voice and see in their faces.

In dealing with so many people I’ve recognized
these as the top ten symptoms people
exhibit when they’re not living a life of purpose…

  1. Feeling Bored or Jaded – Lacking Passion… Longing to reconnect with a sense of hope, anticipation or challenge… but you don’t know where to look for it.
  1. No Clear Direction… you feel you have the drive, motivation, and talent to achieve anything you want – you just don’t know what it is.
  1. Just Left School… Your gut tells you it’s possible to do something you love, yet everyone around you is saying “Wake up and get real… dreaming is irresponsible and won’t put food on the table.”
  1. Living Your Life for others… Life has been focused around family. You’ve sacrificed personal ambitions yet fear opening up to certain passions would mean you’d be neglecting your family.
  1. Financially Trapped… You no longer enjoy what you’re doing, but the income is so good and you’ve got financial responsibilities that keep you spinning on the treadmill.
  1. Feeling Obsolete… You’ve played the career game for many years, and as you’ve gotten older you’re starting to feel less useful. You’re seeing younger people overtake you everywhere and you’re starting to feel discouraged.
  1. Hit a Plateau… An income plateau - vocational plateau - creative plateau. Something that keeps you STUCK …from reaching you’re full potential.
  1. Out of the Workforce… As you consider re-entering the career game, you realize you’re out of touch. You’re longing to get back in the game and rediscover that sense of purposefulness.
  1. Responsibility, Duty, Obligation… seem to run your life and dominate your choices. There is little ‘aliveness’ in your life - you’re so burdened by responsibility you can’t imagine doing something that nurtures YOU.
  1. Clear on the next step but… just don’t know how to do it. Something always keeps getting in the way. It may be courage - lack of knowledge - or just never the right time…

Here’s the good news…

When someone isn’t living on purpose they can sense that “there’s something more” – and they want it -- they just don’t know how to access it.

One of those people is Marie from Illinois…

I record all the sessions for clients to review on their own. Marie (not her real name) has allowed me to give you private access to a piece of a real consultation I did with her. Like a lot of people, she was deeply impacted by her relationship with her Father.

In our session she gets emotional in
recognizing that "her core message" is...

"By trying to play by the rules she's sucking all the
life out of herself" and that her challenge is now to stand
up to the bondage of the punitive inner critic.

IT IS FASCINATING and you can listen to it right here…

Click Here To Hear A Real-Life Consult With Marie

Please do it…

PLEASE listen to this priceless 7-minute audio clip.

It will unequivocally "show you" the potency of being an Ignite Your Purpose Consultant.

I'll say it again – It’s just 7 minutes and soooooo powerful. (pardon the scratchy audio)

Click Here To Hear A Real-Life Consult With Marie

And now…

I’m helping Marie really change how her financial problems have masked an underlying emotional issue, a repetitive block in her psyche that has been playing out and creating the same constricted version of a financial reality. At the same time she’s learning to give herself grace – Beautiful!

It’s part of her ongoing coaching -- a personalized course of action I’m working on with her.

That’s part of why being an Ignite Your Purpose consultant can be so financially successful – Once people “touch” the power of it they want to come back to you.

You don’t have to push them into working with you on a regular basis – They ask you to!!

Here’s proof -- Here’s what Marie has to say about her sessions now…

"The work we did around money and finances was so powerful! You showed me that every thought that runs through my mind is NOT necessarily the truth – so much of it is linked to how I perceive my financial situation -- and more importantly how my fear of failure (based on old, invalid beliefs) was holding me back in so many areas...

Especially my Path to Purpose.

Now, instead of being afraid, I'm eagerly anticipating what the future holds and your guidance in getting me there. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!"

One thing is certain -- Until we look at the various stepping-stones and imprints in a person’s life, their path to Purpose will be obstructed.

On the other hand…

When someone finds their Purpose, when they align with it
when people live “in their Gifts – in their genius…
work and play melt into one and they can “just feel it.”

PLEASE… If this idea seems to be “tugging” at you
I want you to experience a sample of this process first-hand…

To experience the power of Ignite Your Purpose just click here.

I'll personally spend 30-minutes helping you find your Path to Purpose.

“Take The Next Step Towards Living Your Dream - Call Rachel”

“I was meant to find Rachel. I was 31, a successful marketing manager, earning lots of money but uninspired by work and looking for more… something that was commercially viable, true to myself and would make a difference in other people’s lives. Through the coaching process with Rachel I discovered my purpose… I left my marketing management role. My first range of goods has arrived, I’ve been featured on a national television programme and have secured a major investor so I can take my dream to the next level. I encourage you to take the next step to living your dream. Call Rachel.”

Angela Beer – Hello Dolly, www.hellodolly.info

Considering I charge $250/hour to do this work and the limitation on my time I hope you’ll see this is quite an offer.

One that I’m willing to make to ‘safeguard’ this work. Yes, this is a very lucrative opportunity, but only for the 'right' person. Our licensees are all "on purpose" themselves. Our 30 minutes together will help us see if there's a fit for you as Purpose Coach.

Think about it …

What do you most struggle with in your life – Is it, relationships, money, negative emotions?

What is it for you?

You’ve probably already done some personal work but somehow life still isn’t balanced …yes?

As I say…

I want you to experience the joy of this work for yourself.

In our session…

  • You’ll have at least one BIG Ah ha moment yourself.
  • You’ll have the same experience you’ll be able to produce over and over again for clients.

There’s no better way for you to know if this
feels right than to experience it for yourself.

Please click here and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can…

I mean it when I say your clients will love you – I get emails and phone calls and letters of deep gratitude all the time and it’s all because of the power of purpose.

I just got this one from Raylene in San Clemente, California. I love the part about “flashes of possible futures.” That’s it – all of sudden life has meaning, direction… a real future of possibilities.

Here’s how Raylene said it herself…

It's funny - I keep getting flashes about possible futures that could eventuate if I keep on this particular path -there are so many future options!!! I have never felt so free, so inspired, nor so adequately prepared to create a new future!!!

I know this is an important decision for you – I want to be as transparent as possible.

Let me take it one step further – here’s a sample of a training session (4 minutes) I recently had with a licensee.

Listen in as I explain what I call the
"The Lightning Bolt" principle PLUS the aha moments for
both the client (Florence Tivoli) and the Licensee being trained…

To Hear Florence's "Ah ha Moment" Just Click Here

This is not a unique experience – you’ll experience it time and time again as you go through the Purpose coach training yourself.

The truth is…

Our purpose clients are Men and Women who are stepping out of their “old” lives to discover exactly what they’re BORN to do!

  • Breaking free from jobs where they’ve felt dead or trapped. They may still be working but they LOVE what they’re doing – it’s no longer work!
  • Experiencing fuller relationships with their children, spouses, friends and co-workers or colleagues.
  • Launching businesses they’ve been dreaming about for years – successful businesses that don’t trap them – they free them.
  • Acquiring skills such as leadership, parenting, marketing or even an art form they yearn to express and earn an income from.

Think of the blessings you will bring to people’s lives as you
build a successful practice. Helping others discover
WHO they are – by fully expressing their gifts and purpose!

Not to mention this…

People “on Purpose” are inspiring to be around.
They love more deeply – live with more spirit -- give with gratitude


They are more present and AWARE.

Their actions always improve the world around them!

One of the common themes I’ve observed about people who live on Purpose… is that their life is dedicated to being of service to others.

I know you can align yourself with that but let me explain how I think it goes much deeper than most people realize.

Here’s what I mean…

When we chase after commercial visions (or use affirming statements that mirror them) this really is our ego/mind at work. As an example I recently had a client say to me…

"I'd like to bring financial freedom to one million people worldwide."

Here was the big question I asked this client…

Why would your purpose be complete with the
figure of one million people -- How many is enough?

What pain, wound or gap exists inside YOU, that
you’re trying to fill by externalizing this to the planet?

I also asked him…

What are you trying to ‘solve’ internally, when you want others to experience this financial freedom?

It comes down to whether the impulse is coming from our ego-mind or from our inner knowing.

It is all about whether or not we’re separated from purpose.

You see…

At its core, Ego is artificial.

It’s not the most AUTHENTIC part of us.

So every ego-based vision will feel “fake” at some level.

It’s in living in our Purpose that we’ll find what’s real – where we find ourselves in service to others.

That’s what being an Ignite Your Purpose consultant is all about.

Helping others become fully aligned with what’s deeply, really who THEY are!

As you can imagine, life as a Purpose consultant is so gratifying…

When you’re not helping a client identify their

Personal Purpose Blueprint

you’re helping them integrate and master those
key areas that have formerly been blocked.

One day you might be…

  • Igniting a new vision - inspiring a whole new direction for your client.
  • Or playing the role of patient but persistent mentor in creating a behavior change.
  • On the days when life gives her a beating, you may spend time reminding and reconnecting her with the potency and relevance of her VISION.

  • Helping her with the delicate navigation of transition from a “job” to an inspired life.

If you feel this is it -- please email me at
rachel @ igniteyourpurpose.com

Or at least request your own 30-minute sample session

Just email me at rachel @ igniteyourpurpose.com

Being on your path to Purpose manifests in abundance on so many levels. It’s that powerful…people are eager to spend top dollar to have you take them through this same process. And the fact is, their investment comes back to them in a number of ways.

Clients report that…

  • Their relationship with abundance changes altogether. They literally re-hardwire their neuro-physiology, to the correct principles of manifestation.
  • When they are not SINGULARLY focused on money, as a by-product of living On Purpose, abundance starts flowing more naturally.
  • They start to ‘free up’ areas of their life that they were controlling and clinging to out of fear. In so doing, a new fresh wave of opportunities starts moving towards them.
  • In moving to this more ‘essential’ state of being, they hear more clearly where ‘life’ is trying to direct them -- they follow synchronicities more easily, and operate more "in the zone."

No question about it – The World wants to be “On Purpose” and I need hundreds of Purpose Coaches to help me.

I know you would LOVE to be doing work like this.

Let me give you this as one more piece of encouragement – something I know you’ll “get.”

When we get inspired at a soul level,
it’s felt and sensed by the people around us.

Hearts are touched and opened because there’s
something much 'bigger' than the individual at work.
When this “higher” quality is present…

There’s a potency - a passion - a singularity that
You feel called to be part of -- It literally becomes “a calling.”

As you can tell, there’s a depth to this work – but that depth is presented to you in simple steps during the training process.

Let’s take a good look now at how it all works and what all you’ll receive as part of your training.

Initially the Ignite Your Purpose consultation
process is broken up into 3 Sessions
Each one strategically builds on the one before it.

As The Cornerstone of Your Training

Not only will you personally experience the power

of the sessions (with me personally)

PLUS receive your own blueprint

you'll also become a trained expert at delivering them.

Let Me Explain Their Potency…

Session Number 1:

Involves reviewing your client’s past history. You’ll delve into areas you might expect, like schooling and career choices - but you’ll also unearth 14 unique elements which facilitate faster growth. As an example…

  • Intuitive knowings -- What they "know" they're supposed to be doing + passions
  • Originating condition -- What brings them to their "current state of restlessness"
  • Childhood Career Fantasies -- What's been squashed -- What needs to be discarded -- AND what needs to be meaningfully pursued.

And this is one that really "locks in” your clients...

  • Their "Growing Edge" -- The unspoken drive that has "really" brought them to you.

Once this is revealed, your client’s perspective on life -- indeed, his entire life changes.

Again, those are just four examples. You’ll be trained in ten more unique elements which will allow you to create a deep level of trust. This is vital for the process to be as fulfilling and impactful as is can be.

To apply to become a Purpose consultant please click here

Session Number 2:

Utilize Patterns of Genius Diagnostic (proprietary to Ignite Your Purpose) to co-facilitate a complete self-analysis with your client.

  • Identify unique blends of Patterns – With over 500 individual Patterns, they'll identify the particular blend totally unique to their own personal Blueprint.
  • Stages of Mastery – Using a powerful review process, define various stages – both past, present and yet-to-come in a person’s life.
  • Resolution of the Past – Help clients to see how their history has actually shaped and provided the fuel for their current “drive to find purpose”. There are no mistakes!

Session Number 3:

Construct Clients Current "Path To Purpose" - Which blend of patterns is most current, relevant and compelling.

  • Reveal your client's full Pattern of Genius – How are these elements or characteristics playing out in her life?
  • Are they still in process – Have they reached full culmination with their past Purpose stepping stones, or are there a few that still need to be resolved?
  • Give them reassurance – Though many things may be present in your client’s life, they’re not required to completely embrace each one – nor should they!

They’ll also be left with a “growing edge” in each of the areas of their hobbies and passions.

By growing edge I mean some new area
of learning which is compelling.

Each Pattern of Genius
has its own life cycle of mastery.

We identify where the pattern is in its life cycle,
and explore a new growing (or learning)
edge which is yet to be mastered.

In this way their life is always fresh and evolving.

This is where a recommendation can be made and referral fee paid to you – again a win, win where the client is getting referred to a quality resource to help them accomplish their new life direction and you’re able to generate revenue simply for making the suggestion.

How can you resist – It REALLY is transforming – You have to Experience it

To get your FREE 30-minute sample just click here

And Then You'll…

Hand them their own “Path To Purpose
Blueprint” Which Lays Out How They Will

Navigate Their New Life AND…That need for navigation helps create a need for ongoing coaching with…YOU!

When you place the blueprint in their hands you can feel the sense of relief and you can feel the internal smile.

The blueprint comes complete with detail about their newly emerging ‘Purpose Project’, business opportunity, or career move, together with skill development suggestions and personal, spiritual development recommendations plus your suggestions for their quickest route to accomplishment.

If they haven't already asked about ongoing coaching this is where it becomes glaringly obvious to them and enrolment in continuous coaching becomes an easy conversation.

Now you're working with people you've already connected with and who love what you do for them - VERY satisfying.

Before I go into more about the actual training let me first explain that the way I teach is layered. I’m sure you’d agree that no matter what it is we’re learning there’s always a level of deeper understanding to be had as we begin to work with what we’ve learned.

The process I use is something I refer to as “Contrast and Comparison Learning” – It’s really geared to help you learn the material at a very deep level -- such that true mastery doesn’t take anywhere near as long as it normally would.

It’s also why there’s Immersion training first – so we accomplish that first level of understanding before the actual live training.

This way the live experience helps take the learning past that primary level of understanding and again, it's put you on the fast-track to mastery.

Clearly the first three sessions in the Ignite Your Purpose
consultation are the most important and that’s why
we spend the entire 9 weeks of tele-coaching training on them.

Here’s how it works…

  • The first 3 weeks we cover Session 1 (Client History)
  • The 4th and 5th and 6th weeks we cover Session 2 (Pattern of Genius Diagnostic)
  • And finally in weeks 7, 8, and 9 we cover session 3 (Path to Purpose Revealed)

Beyond the first three sessions of Purpose coaching…

The aspect of ongoing coaching after
the initial 3 sessions is something we’ve invested a lot
of time insuring it’s as seamless as possible for you…

Right from the first session through to the third I’ve designed it so that your ability to retain clients is dramatically improved. I’ve realized there are simple things you can say and even simpler questions you can ask that make the desire for additional coaching almost automatic.

In fact, clients are quite likely to ask you for additional ongoing (weekly or monthly) coaching – without you even bringing it up receptive when you do.

Reasons for ongoing coaching include…

  • Personal and Vocational Stepping Stones – Which ones are appearing as signs for upcoming growth – and which ones are fading, having served their primary purpose.
  • Numerological Profile and Report – These tools assist in delving deeper into a client’s personality and life path.
  • Essential blueprint – You’ll be delving into your client’s innate knowing of their deeper calling.
  • Developing a plan for putting action, energy and intention into his new Purpose project.
  • Dealing with the inevitable blocks that will arise.
  • Creating an etheric container - working within the power of intention.
  • Career transition - navigating out of her existing job and into the Purpose project and other things she will be facing on this new journey.

>Email me now at rachel @ igniteyourpurpose.com<

You'll receive even deeper training on everything mentioned so far in the first two days of the 5-day bootcamp.

Starting at 9:00 AM on Day 3
you'll be trained to recognize the
subtle and not-so-subtle clues that reveal…

  • Potentials that are starting to surface and demand some expression - and then help your clients to put energy and attention into bringing them to life
  • Areas going into decline - and help them learn to release their grip or reliance on it.
  • Times they are rationalizing, making excuses, or operating from fear - in spite of an inner calling to be doing something different. Then help them find the courage to make the transition.
  • Places where they’re blocked and stuck with some aspect of personality - and help them integrate and evolve beyond the pattern that they’re gripped by
  • Secret and unexpressed passions -- or the new direction they’ve been getting some 'soul-whispers' about for some time... and create a safe, positive, encouraging space in which these new seeds can start to grow

You’ll also learn the best way to
DELIVER those insights to the client.

  • Build affinity, sacredness and a container of trust
  • Introduce advanced spiritual concepts that are outside of your client’s ‘known’ territory… and have them ‘get’ it.
  • Catch yourself trying to ‘collude’ with the client - instead of speaking the truth.
  • Value the importance of your own ‘inner work’ - and its critical relationship to your effectiveness as a coach.
  • ‘Be with’, hold and shift highly charged emotional reactions - like tears, anger or cursing.
  • Get the key material in your client’s history to ‘emerge’
  • Cultivate soul-contact, intuition and higher ‘knowing’ in both you and your client.

Once again…

For 9 weeks you’ll receive Immersion training.

Then you’ll receive five days of LIVE training

and then you’ll receive ongoing training – as needed.


The exclusive right to use our newly developed
marketing campaigns to build your practice in
your geographical area.

Although you can tap any existing contacts you have (in any area) and market yourself online as much as you like, having geographical exclusivity for our marketing materials (in your area) means you will be able to all but "fully tap" your local market.

As just one example - we will provide you with a system for securing joint venture referral partners.

Nobody but you will be able to use those materials in your area. That means high quality relationships reserved just for you. Relationships with businesses and providers such as…

  • Women's groups
  • Women's fitness and weight loss canters
  • Networking groups
  • A whole array of counselors
  • Health food stores

And we’ll hand you additional marketing campaigns
and client acquisition strategies so you’ll
always have more high-quality clients than you can handle.

Besides the 3-step mailing campaign
Besides The Referral Joint Venture campaign
-- which we show you exactly how to implement --
Besides Dynamic Networking And Speaking
We also include…

  • Individualized website – prepared for you by a top Internet Marketer and copywriter.
  • Seminar materials - complete for Licensees who want to put on their own seminars.
  • Marketing pieces – everything from a “2 minute speech” to direct-mail pieces.
  • Presentation outlines – For those who want to give their own talks and 60 minute mini-seminars.
  • Speed To Market 30-Day Plan – 30 days of “what to do” for your business to grow quickly.

Now if you want to tap even more profit potential…

How about bringing Purpose
into a corporate setting?

One of the most fundamental wisdom-nuggets in relation to purpose is this… “anything that is aligned with a person's purpose… they will fight for. Anything that is not aligned… they will sabotage. This principle can be commonly observed in Corporate and entrepreneurial environments. The key to getting extraordinary performance, motivation, drive, results from people in a biz environment is really very simple.

…get your people on purpose.

Second key – you have to link the personal sense of purpose (within each of your team) to the organisational purpose. But this premise rests on three factors:

1. That the organization really knows what its deeper, underlying purpose-for-being… is. And a hint here… it exists beyond the realm of a ‘mission statement’ tacked to the wall.

2. It necessitates the individuals being connected to their personal sense of purpose

3. It requires the organization be willing to place the importance of this purpose-alignment as central to its recruitment strategies.

But there’s a lot to be gained… look at the results we commonly observe.

Massive personal motivation… how to create a team of high-achievers

When individuals experience a ‘calling’ they base their career choices on roles, organisations and industries that align with that purpose. They actively seek out that right fit. You’ll see unprecedented levels of commitment, dedication, initiative, innovation, creativity, self-initiated skill-development… and mastery of the role.

The reason for this… is simple. They do the work, not because of the money, but because it’s intrinsic to who they are.

You’ll see them for mastery in what they’re doing. They’ll be the ones putting in the long hours, designing new systems, raising the standard, driving innovation, doing what it takes to kick the goal. This drive for achievement, transenscends any ‘job description’ or set of Performance Standards. It’s deeply personal.

Synergy that blows corporate team-building exercises out of the ball-park

Purpose is a currency that ignites passion and commitment. When a corporate team gets on purpose (individually & collectively), something quite uncommon occurs. An interconnectedness and support kicks on. The team will start to recognize themselves as a whole rather than as a separate entities fighting of personal gain.

You’ll observe the individuals working towards the same goal, aware that they are playing an intrinsic role within that vision. They see themselves as a puzzle piece that ‘fits’. They’ll start driving the innovation from below. You’ll see stronger, easier communication. Internal exchange of ideas. Ease of project delivery.

We simply ask…

What would your business / team look like, if you knew with certainty, that each of the individuals were on-purpose and operating with their easy natural competencies? Clearly absent would be the all-too-common… “I could do that but I can’t be arsed because it’s not in my job description”. You’d find them willing to give their gifts, wherever is necessary, and, given the right organizational support, they’d be able to operate within a broader mandate than the typical highly defined roles.

When there’s something BIG going on

Here’s a picture of what a team-on-purpose looks like.

  • Increased Job satisfaction – they love what they’re doing and know that they’re making a difference.
  • Speed of learning, development, personal evolution – you’ll observe accelerated growth.
  • Reduced management requirement – when they’re on purpose, they have less requirement for an external reference point.
  • Traditional management structures become ‘coaching’ based. They will mentor and coach one another – a natural resonance, genuine synergy and collaboration will occur.
  • High energy – You’ll see more aliveness, energy, enthusiasm. There is clearly more of them present.
  • Decreased absenteeism – people on purpose aren’t avoiding their work. They’re engaged. Passionate. There is significantly less time off sick.

Emotional Tone

This is an interesting one. Perhaps one of the more subtle, intangible factors that impact a team environment, is the emotional tone. When a team is on purpose, here’s what you’ll see happening interpersonally and individually:

  • They will be energized, happy, collaborative
  • Feel like they’re part of a community – sense of belonging
  • You’ll observe an increased level of trust and openness
  • Sense of well-being
  • It will be clear they feel a part of something… greater than themselves
  • Significantly less stress
  • More autonomy within their own roles
  • More feeling of ‘organic flow’
  • Increased creativity & innovation

There simply isn’t anything in the
coaching arena as comprehensive as this.

NOTHING even comes close to providing
You the assurance of success that an
Ignite Your Purpose License Does.

One more time…

Allow me to offer you a complimentary (30 min) consultation.

You’ll get a “taste” of how your life can unfold with perfect clarity.

All you have to do is click here

And it gets even better…


For a limited time, Ignite Your Purpose licensees will receive a rare opportunity to participate in one of my signature “Lifework” seminars.

The “Your Life on Purpose” Seminar has been designed to deepen the exploration into your personal blueprint, and give you the maximum possible exposure to what a life of ON PURPOSE looks & feels like.

Three of the most potent days of a person’s life where they go into an incredibly deep and very personal inquiry. We go up to the 5,000 ft level, penetrating deeply into childhood, exploring the factors that were present and contributed to the formation of who they are today.

We look at the synchronicities, the roles they’ve played, the repeating patterns … and the ‘story’ that’s been unfolding throughout their life. The result is exceptional.

Each person in the room, becomes present to the nobility of the quest that they’ve been on… in learning to transcend the patterns they felt bound by, and mastering the ‘as-yet-unrealized-potentials.

You’ll be invited to participate in the promotion of this event and
will be supported with our proven “fill the seats” marketing
methods -- But here’s the even bigger payoff for you…

  • You’ll get to experience the Ignite Technology being delivered in a dynamic ‘live’ group facilitation.
  • You’ll receive training on how to ‘stage’ a high-impact, live event
  • Over time, you’ll receive training to actually co-facilitate these events (with myself or one of the team)

If you feel drawn to help others in this way – while growing your own successful business at the same time - then I urge you to listen to that inner voice.

I’m serious when I say…

This is the time to step forward. The timing is right - many of these opportunities won’t be available to those who hesitate.

>Just click here to take the first step<

The need for this type of coaching is so immense – and although thousands of people have gone through my Purpose program – I simply can’t reach everyone!

Allow me to ask you one more time…

Would you like to experience that same deep sense of contribution – while blessing your own life with abundance?

If so, then I strongly encourage you to find out exactly “why” you’re feeling called to be a part of my team.

This is real -- This is my life’s work -- it is precious.

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

Much love, peace and gratitude,

Rachel Taylor

PS: For many this knowledge brings such a profound sense of relief - a release from the pressure to “do it all” - which is something most don’t realize until much later in life… if ever!!

To that point here's what Terri Cranston of Sioux Falls, SD said to me just yesterday...

“Thanks Rachel! I can’t begin to express the weight you lifted off my shoulders. I was feeling like I had to “do it all” and had been carrying that around for years. Now I see that I’m attracting individuals into my life that can take some of that load for me…if I just allow them to do so.”